Carol Jackson

RVing with Pets: Tips, Tools and Considerations

Carol Jackson
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One of the benefits of RV travel is getting to bring our pets along with us on our adventures. RVing with pets is rewarding for you and your animals, and there are many things you can bring along to improve and maximize time on the road with your furry friends. Most of these are everyday objects that you might have lying around the house or that you can pick up from your local pet store. In this quick video lesson, longtime RV expert Carol Jackson teaches you some of her favorite tips and tools to help pets have a great time on the open road.

What to Consider When RVing with Pets

Firstly, you may be wondering the best way to let your dog enjoy the outdoors with you without having to hold onto their leash the whole time. Depending on your animal’s size and temperament, there are several options to make this work. You could use a tether cable that’s appropriate for the weight of your dog to anchor one end to a fixed object and the other to the dog’s collar. As a safety note on RVing with pets, it’s recommended that you never tether a metal leash to the steps or frame of your RV. A short in the campground electrical system could send current through the leash and to your pet. Always avoid a metal-on-metal setup!

If your dog gets anxious on a tether or refuses to use one, or you just prefer to go with another option, you could opt for a portable pen. Portable pens are lightweight and easily mobile alternatives for dogs who are too small to escape or who are not active jumpers. As with a stake for a tethered cable, you should typically check with the campground to ensure they’re okay to use.

Other Tips RV Pet Travel

Before you even gear up to hit the road with your pets, you should do a short trial run to determine whether they can handle the drive. Find out whether they get carsick, and learn their tendencies on the road. Also, make sure your animals are up-to-date on their shots, and have those records with you when you travel.

You should also purchase a harness with a tether that prevents them from becoming a projectile in the event of an accident. In addition to safety equipment, you’ll want to bring along all of its normal daily necessities, including food, water, toys, bedding, medication. The things that bring them comfort at home should help keep them normal on the road. Similar to their necessities, it’s also recommended that you bring a pet first aid kit. This kit might include bandages, nail clippers, hair brushes, and vet-approved first aid ointments.

Additionally, if you have a senior dog with mobility issues or an anxious dog with a fear of open-backed or metal steps, you might consider installing a pet ramp. This and other solutions can be essential components of your travel list when RVing with pets. Carol has a few other tips for making your pets’ lives easier on the road, so be sure to take notes!

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