Bait, Traps, and Pet Friendly Tips to Get Rid of Mice in an RV

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Duration: 8:46

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Rodents, especially mice, are a big problem when it comes to storing an RV. Knowing how to keep mice out of an RV will help prevent disgusting droppings and damage to your RV when it comes time to put your unit away for the winter. There are different methods and product you can use to keeping your RV rodent free, including catch-and-release traps.

If you do not want to kill any mice, knowing how to keep mice out of an RV using a catch-and-release trap may be the best option for you. It is important to know how to keep mice out of an RV using the proper baits. The wrong baits will not attract the mice to the trap, reducing its efficiency. The best baits for catch-and-release traps is small pieces of cheese and dabs of peanut butter. Because mice get caught in the trap, you have to keep checking these traps while your unit is in storage so you can release any mice captured. Otherwise, they could get killed in the process, which defeats the purpose of using catch-and-release traps.

The next products some RV owners use when learning how to keep mice out of an RV is an electronic version of a bait system. These systems attract mice through electronic pulses and traps them inside the unit. These are not catch-and-release.

When learning how to keep mice out of an RV you will discover there are many other options to keeping your RV mice-free. Other options include:

  • – Glue sheets and traps
  • – Typical mousetraps
  • – Larger traps with bait on the inside
  • – DIY traps are also easy to make out of plastic containers

You can buy bait in bulk from any local hardware store or tractor supply store. Just remember to use rubberized gloves when handling the bait.

Properly knowing how to keep mice out of an RV will ensure your RV stays safe and secure while in storage.