Bucket List: Top 5 RV Destinations

RV owners are known to embrace exciting travel experiences, and are often thinking about their “next big trip.” This list compiled by Fantasy RV Tours brings together some of the most popular destinations RVers should consider in their lifetime. Whether you’re seeking an adventure rooted in history, are looking to reconnect with nature, or are pursing the ultimate in local culture and festivities, this list has a little something for everyone.

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Lewis and Clark Map

5. Journeys Through Time: Following the path of Lewis and Clark

President Jefferson commissioned Captain Lewis and Second Lieutenant Clark to find a route west using waterways to explore and map this new American territory. The original expedition departed from a fort near St. Louis, Missouri in May of 1804, and arrived on the Oregon coast two and half years later.

Lewis and Clark

Today, RV explorers are able to rediscover this route in just 45 days, following the original Lewis and Clark journey along the Missouri, Snake, and Columbia Rivers to the west coast of Oregon – the difference is the luxury of modern highways and the comfort of an RV.

Polar Bear Map

4. Life Changing Encounters: Polar bear migration in Manitoba, Canada

Many agree: RVers are adventurous! This RV vacation explores the great northern tundra of Manitoba in a journey to face the fiercest and most majestic creature known to man… the polar bear. Departing from North Dakota and traveling by RV to Thompson, Manitoba, guests leave their RVs behind to board a chartered plane (or travel by train, because there are no roads) to Churchill.

Polar Bear

Here they enjoy close-up encounters with both adult bears and cubs as these beautiful beasts socialize and wait for the Hudson Bay to freeze. After this encounter, travelers return to Thompson and continue by RV to Winnipeg. “…this is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time… it was all, and more than we had expected,” says RVers Renny and JoEllen Mitchell of Harveys Lake, PA .

Maritime Map

3. Culture, Cuisine and Character: The three “Cs” of the Canadian Maritime Provinces

The tranquility and charm of New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia (the Maritime), known as the Crown Jewels of Canada, along with Newfoundland, are top destinations for RV enthusiasts. This popular region has a grand variety of travel itineraries for RV caravanners.


These Canadian Provinces are filled with friendly folks, fresh seafood, historic whaling stations, picture perfect lighthouses, quaint fishing villages, and gorgeous scenery. RV travel is by far the most convenient and comfortable way to experience this beautiful area.


2. Tailgating Has Never Been This Much Fun: The Kentucky Derby

It’s “the most exciting two minutes in sports,” and groups of RVers love to experience Louisville Derby Days from the comfort of their home on wheels. The week long festivities surrounding this world famous race include traditional events, area tours, and believe it or not – a few tastings of the wildly popular Kentucky bourbon. “We’ve already sold out our 2016 Derby Rally,” says Nel Filliger, Founder and CEO of Fantasy RV Tours. “With all of the excitement this year from American Pharaoh winning the Triple Crown and the Breeders’ Cup, people want to be a part of the excitement.” The itinerary encompasses the area, the culture, and the events surrounding the Derby; and it doesn’t hurt that this RV rally includes fantastic box seating on Derby day.

Map of Alaska

1. The Ultimate RV Experience: Alaska

The natural beauty of our 49th state has attracted RVers for decades, so much so that many book their dream vacation up to two years in advance. Fantasy is one of the companies that offers RVers the Alaska experience by land. “Traveling in your own RV to experience untouched wilderness is a dream come true,” says Filliger.

Alaska Animals

Long summer days provide the perfect opportunity for seeing grizzly and black bears, moose, and even wolves in their natural habitat. Filliger explains, “…we value the experience and magic of Mother Nature, so creating opportunities to see bald eagles, sea lions, and the grey whales is a bonus when we take boat trips to witness calving glaciers.” From the historical stories of the Gold Rush Days, to the memorable tales of building the Alaskan Highway and the extraordinary account of how people continue to survive in the vast wilderness, it’s no wonder why this ultimate experience has held the number one position with RV travelers for more than 20 years.

So now the question remains, where will you go next?

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    If you're going to Alaska, or anywhere near it purchase the Milepost, ( Amazon, or local stores as you get close) It's the Bible. It's new every year and has everything you need to know.

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