RVRC's Top 10 of 2017

RV Repair Club With 2018 just around the corner, we’ve taken a look back our top tips, selected by YOU, from 2017. Read below to see the most popular articles and videos this year at RV Repair Club!

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1. An RV Antenna Booster Brings In Twice The Signal To Your Television

Whether you’re living the RV lifestyle or you’re just using your rig as a rolling hotel, there are still parts of your home life that you won’t want to give up, and favorite television shows are near the top of the list for most people. Unfortunately, if you’ve got a weak antenna you might miss out on your favorite shows. An RV antenna booster can help avoid that problem before it even starts. It increases the signal strength that’s drawn into your RV antenna, increasing the number of channels you have and the clarity of the picture on whatever you’re watching. In this video, you’ll learn how to install an RV antenna booster on your existing RV antenna with only a few simple tools.   WATCH NOW

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2. RV Power Converter Troubleshooting

RV distribution center troubleshooting can show whether the electrical problem is in the wiring or the outlet itself, or in the circuit breakers which service the electrical system feeding into your appliance. It can eliminate expensive repair visits, ferreting out small problems you can fix yourself. In this video, you’ll learn a good basic system for RV power converter troubleshooting. You’ll see methods for checking circuit breakers, both inside and out.   WATCH NOW

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3. How To Seal Your RV To Keep Mice Out

It is an age old battle that RV owners have faced every time they put their RV into storage. That battle is keeping mice out of an RV. This requires going over every inch of the RV looking for gaps, holes or spaces where mice can make their way into the inside of the RV.   WATCH NOW

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4. RV Checklist For Camping: Checking The Electric Supply

Before plugging your RV into the campground source, it’s important to take the time to check for proper polarity and voltage. Even if you are staying at a familiar campground, it’s a good idea to check for electrical issues that not only could create appliance failure, but can cause severe damage to your RV. These could be avoided by having an RV Checklist for Camping to reference before plugging into any electrical source.   WATCH NOW

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5. Maintaining RV Graphics To Extend Lifetime

When properly protected, RV graphics should maintain optimal appearance for roughly seven years. Depending on the type of travel for which you use your RV, that lifespan could be drastically shortened if you don’t take precautions to keep them safe from the elements. To ensure you keep your shiny RV graphics looking spick and span for many years to come, we teach you in this quick video some simple actions you can take while at home and out on the road.   WATCH NOW

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6. Are 6 Volt RV Batteries In Series Better Than A Single 12 Volt?

We get a lot of members of the RV Repair Club community asking what kind of RV batteries they should use on their rig. They’re often unsure whether they should opt for a single 12 volt battery or a pair of 6 volt RV batteries in series (obviously equaling 12 volts). The answer to which is better is a simple one: it depends. Okay, so there are some nuances to the dilemma.   WATCH NOW

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7. Emptying an RV Waste Tank: An Overview

It is important to know how to properly empty your RV waste tank, including knowing the different tanks, hoses and tips to making your visit to the dump station easier.   WATCH NOW

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8. An Overview Of The RV Waste Tank

The RV waste tank is a vital component of any RV when it comes to having a good time and keeping your peace of mind while out touring the country. In fact, a well-cared-for RV waste tank is perhaps the most important for a comfortable and clean ride.   WATCH NOW

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9. How To Properly Connect The RV City Water Inlet

Having pressurized water coming into your RV will give you the water you need to cook, take showers and use the bathroom. Definitely one of the benefits to connecting to a water source while taking an RV vacation. The RV city water inlet is an easy way to provide pressurized water into your RV unit. The RV city water inlet on the outside of the RV makes it possible to hook up to an outside source, such as a campground or residential faucet using a hose, and have pressurized water running on the inside. Learn how to connect yours now!   WATCH NOW

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10. Bait, Traps, And Pet Friendly Tips To Get Rid Of Mice In An RV

Rodents, especially mice are a big problem when it comes to storing an RV. Knowing how to keep mice out of an RV will help prevent disgusting dropping and damage to your RV when it comes time to put your unit away for the winter. There are different methods and product you can use to keeping your RV rodent free, including catch and release traps.   WATCH NOW

What’s your favorite RV tip from 2017? Or, where was your favorite travel destination of 2017? Let us know in the comments below!

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18 Responses to “RVRC's Top 10 of 2017”

  1. Mark Graef

    need video to remove outside panel to access black tank

  2. Donald

    How to change ceiling light bulbs

  3. Daryl

    Just acquired, the gravity tank inlet hose has rotted away from the inlet opening, how do I access the tank are to replace entire hose? Thanks for any hints... ps new RV ‘er

  4. Brad Young

    City water valve which fills either fresh water tank or provide City water to the rv, I can't get water into the coach using city water, I have to use the water pump.

  5. Diane Hamilton

    The pin that holds the bunk slide keep popping out and releasing. Do you know how to fix?

  6. douglas mcdonald

    i want to know what fuse's are for each appliance,or air conditioner,

  7. Stephen Christison

    < Need help! How to remove rear trim molding at back corners? Must bumper be removed?

  8. Sandi Blume

    Why do I have to keep replacing the hot water tank in my rv?

  9. Robert Alexander

    there is a buzzing in my 20 amp circuit breaker for appliances. Should I replace the circuit breaker?

  10. lwoodious

    How to access slide motor on drivers side front