Best RV Tech: A Guide to Gadgets on the Road

Duration: 4:23

There are some great tech items out right now that make RVing less stressful and more enjoyable! Full-time RVer Lauren Grijalva shares some of her top tech items for life on the road. Let us know what tech items you’re enjoying right now!

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3 Responses to “Best RV Tech: A Guide to Gadgets on the Road”
  1. Robert Downie

    The Garmin GPS w/ back up camera is a joke. While the gps works well the camera doesn’t. We pull a 41’ Montana and the wireless signal from the camera rarely worked if ever. Garman told us that the signal from the camera was not strong enough to reach the GPS unit mounted in the cab of our F350 and we would need to hard wire the camera. This was NOT the option we wanted and gave up on the camera.

  2. Chuck Borcher

    I think tire monitors are essential for safe travels. We have a motorhome and tow a car. If the car has a tire problem, it is doubtful that you will be aware of it until someone passes you pointing at your coach. I have never had a travel trailer of fifth wheel but I seen them pulled to the side of the road with blown tires and extensive damage. Tire monitors will not prevent blowouts but will tell you if it happens and may warn you beforehand when a tire is loosing pressure. They are also a great way to check tire pressures at the start of you travels which we are all told to do everyday we are on the road (but few of us do!).

  3. Chuck Borcher

    Another gadget that I think is requires is a good voltage monitor box – not just a surge protector. This is especially true if you have 50 amp service as there are campground faults that can blow all your appliances. in a blink of an eye – open neutral. Also low voltage can damage air conditioners and possibly residential refrigerators. Some of us use the little plug-in device that checks for open neutral, open ground, and reverse polarity but it only checks one branch of the 50 amp service. I wish someone would make one that checks both branches – it would to plug into a 50 amp plug.