Jason & Lisa McEwen

Tips to Follow for Easy RV Meal Planning

Jason & Lisa McEwen
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How do you meal plan in an RV? You have less space to work with, but meal planning is still important. By planning, you can save money and eat healthier, and if you pack food before you go, you can avoid wandering the aisles of a store you don’t know.

To make meal planning a little easier, here are some tips:

Use downloadable resources

There are some really helpful templates out there that can make meal planning a little easier. You can use a template like this, where you can plan each meal out and make a grocery list too.

You can customize this awesome checklist. It gives you a list of commonly packed foods and breaks them into categories, like dry goods, dairy, and meat. You can go through each section and edit entries, remove them, or even rearrange them.

Prep meals the week before

The week before you go on a trip, consider making double batches of your meals so you can freeze the extra one and take it with you. Pasta dishes like spaghetti and meatballs or soups, for example, are easy to double and freeze for your trip.

Plan for on-the-go meals and snacks

Seeing new sights is an awesome benefit of RVing, but you have to plan ahead. You can carry some snacks and water when you are walking around sightseeing.

Use small containers

Your meal plan likely includes a lot of condiments. You’ll need ketchup and mustard for cheeseburgers and mayo for sandwiches, but you can put condiments in travel-size containers to save space.

For anything else that’s in a large container, like milk or juice, consider putting it into a smaller container, too. Part of meal prepping is working with the limited refrigerator space that you have.

Take paper products

One of the many benefits of meal planning for your next RV trip is to save time. The less time you spend making meals in the RV, the more time you have for fun. So, in the spirit of saving time, buy paper plates and disposable silverware. Everyone can enjoy their meal, and when they’re done, the cleanup is easy.

Use grocery pickup apps

If you’re planning a long trip or are a full-timer and can only plan ahead so far, consider downloading grocery apps where you can do scheduled pickups.

Walmart’s grocery app lets you buy groceries from your phone, pay for them, and set a pickup time. The app can find the closest store to you so you can set a date and time that works for you.

For more tips, check out these budget-friendly food tips and these RV cooking hacks.

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