Jason & Lisa McEwen

Family Moments: Beach Day Fun

Jason & Lisa McEwen
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Those who camp in Florida in the summer know it’s going to be hot. What better place to be than a cool lake?

The McEwen family, who are avid RVers, recently camped at Gold Head Branch State Park, a park in NE Florida. It’s a quieter state park. Since it’s inland, it’s not busy at all, which means the family of four gets to hang out in an uncrowded lake that’s close to the campground.

Fun in the water

Their girls, Adalyn and Riley, can stay in water for hours. They love to swim.

This morning’s activity is catching minnows. They’re using some sand toys to try and capture a few of these little fish.

After trying to catch minnows for a bit, it was off to build castles and play in the sand.

The girls are playing at Little Johnson Lake, which is one of several lakes in the park, though this is the only swimming spot. When the McEwens book campgrounds, they love to find ones with on-site amenities like this so you can have a unique adventure just feet from your RV.

Aside from the quiet locale, the beach also has a bathroom nearby. If you have kids, you know that’s a big deal. You can get your kids to the bathroom without much hassle.

So much to pack

When you go to the beach, how much stuff do you take with you? The McEwens brought out a canopy tent (because the Florida sun can be brutal), chairs, a few towels for the kids, and a lunch to enjoy a little picnic at the beach too.

The family spent around a few hours at the beach before unexpected rain clouds rolled in.

They managed to get everything in the car before the worst of the rain came down, but even a few hours relaxing at the beach was OK. Part of RVing is making the best out of changing circumstances.

Want to learn more about RVing as a family? Here’s a great video on getting your RV set up and some fun RV games you can play too.

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