How to Make a More Fuel Efficient RV

Duration: 4:24

Fuel efficiency is key when traveling by RV, as gas can easily be quite a large expense. Check out these fuel efficient RV tips from Lauren Grijalva that will help save some gas and ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck as an RVer!

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5 Responses to “How to Make a More Fuel Efficient RV”
  1. Mark D Harvey
    Mark D Harvey

    Missing top number 2.
    These are tips for any vehicle, not just RVs. I was taught these by my dad when I was 16. I had hoped to hear something specific for RV/ RV towing.

  2. dillontb25

    Avoid stop and go traffic. It may mean leaving an hour earlier or later and if stuck in traffic pull over at a rest stop until backups clear.

  3. Paul Iskander
    Paul Iskander

    Another way to help mileage is to keep your vehicle clean and waxed. A slippery RV will slide through the air better than one with a rough dirty surface