Jason & Lisa McEwen

Planning RV Trips for a Year

Jason & Lisa McEwen
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Every RVer has their own methods when it comes to trip planning. Lisa McEwen covers a few of the benefits that come with planning out your RV travels for the year and shares the key areas that will be important in this class: budgeting, campground experience, money-saving tips, and reservations.
Establishing a budget for your RV travels can feel like an endeavor of its own, but having a solid idea of your expenses will help you get the most out of your time on the road. Lisa will help guide you through the process of breaking down and customizing a budget that suits your specific travel needs and desires.
The type of campground you choose will not only play a big role when it comes to your overall RVing experience, but it will impact your budget as well. Knowing your options and what amenities you do and don't need will help you make the right decision for your wallet and your family.
RVers can tell you the importance of finding creative ways to save money while traveling. The more you save, the more you can maximize your budget and get the most out of your adventures. Lisa spills some of her favorite ways to save that she and her family have discovered through their own RV experiences.
Thinking ahead and making reservations in advance will help ensure a much smoother, hassle-free trip. Researching key factors like reservation windows, cancellation policies, and availability will go a long way when it comes to planning an amazing year of RVing. Lisa shares her top tips and resources to help you become a pro when it comes to making your reservations.
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57  mins

The cost of RV travel can add up. Each trip comes with expenses from campground fees and groceries to activities and emergency repairs. To help your family travel affordably, this class provides advice on planning an entire year’s worth of trips on a set budget.

Jason & Lisa McEwen

Jason and Lisa McEwen began their RV adventures in 2019 with their kids, Adalyn and Riley, traveling during school breaks and long weekends. They’ve seen and done amazing things across the country, from canoeing Florida’s natural springs and watching wild horses roam the coast of Georgia, to exploring the historic sights of D.C. and hiking to a boulder field in Pennsylvania. Always planning their next trip, the McEwens love sharing their travel tips and tricks to help fellow RVers explore the open road.

Jason & Lisa McEwen
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