Jason & Lisa McEwen

Weekend Warrior Camping

Jason & Lisa McEwen
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Looking to maximize your weekend RV adventures? Join Lisa McEwen to discover some of her family's tried-and-true methods for being a weekend warrior and making the most of your trip, even if it only lasts a few days. She'll outline topics like destinations, preparation, arrival, excursions, and coming home, all covered in this helpful class.
When you're only working with a few days of travel, it's important to know your options when choosing a destination. You'll also want to keep in mind four important expenses: campground fees, gas prices, food costs, and activities. In this session, Lisa will share her tips for choosing the right destination for your weekend getaway.
Making preparations will help you maximize your RV time and prevent you from wasting precious moments on mundane tasks. Things like meal prepping, knowing your arrival schedule, filling your tank, planning your route, and minimizing your packing will streamline the travel process so you can focus on enjoying your adventure.
The first day of your trip is all about getting from point A to point B as seamlessly as possible. When you arrive at your destination, you'll want to assess your campsite, hook up your RV, set up your space, and get settled. In this session, Lisa will share what a typical arrival day looks like for her and her family.
Day two of your weekend trip will most likely be your main excursion day. Remember, not every activity has to be a grandiose event—your excursion could be as simple as visiting a state or national park, spending a day at the beach, or even having a nice picnic. Keep in mind factors like backup plans and meals while planning your day as well.
In this session, Lisa shares a little bit about what day three typically looks like for her family. After spending day two enjoying their main excursion, day three often involves a lighter activity like exploring the campground or making s'mores around the bonfire. Making time to pack up in advance will also help move things along when it's time to start the journey home.
Unfortunately, all trips must come to an end. In this session, Lisa shares a few tips on how to ensure a smooth check-out experience as you pack up your campsite and head home. Make sure you know your check-out time and process, and get into the habit of cleaning up your camper and making a list of supplies to replenish before your next adventure.
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If your family takes the RV out for long weekends, this class is for you. A short weekend trip is fun, but with such a short amount of time, how do you ensure it’s a success? This class explains how to get the most out of your weekend warrior trips.

Jason & Lisa McEwen

Jason and Lisa McEwen began their RV adventures in 2019 with their kids, Adalyn and Riley, traveling during school breaks and long weekends. They’ve seen and done amazing things across the country, from canoeing Florida’s natural springs and watching wild horses roam the coast of Georgia, to exploring the historic sights of D.C. and hiking to a boulder field in Pennsylvania. Always planning their next trip, the McEwens love sharing their travel tips and tricks to help fellow RVers explore the open road.

Jason & Lisa McEwen
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