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As we near the end of 2018, RV Repair Club is looking back at what videos and articles our community has found most useful. We’ve rounded up our top 7 most popular videos and articles, picked by YOU. Read below to see the best of 2018.

Power wires

1. RV Power Converter Troubleshooting

Understanding your RV power converter can help you solve a multitude of problems. With so many appliances running at one time, you’ll want to know how to keep everything working smooth. When something goes out, using commonsense RV distribution center troubleshooting methods can narrow down the possibilities of problems. In this video, you’ll learn how to identify problems in the actual power system itself, and if wiring is broken down somewhere between the power source and the appliance.


Refridgerator gauge

2. Tips for RV Refrigerator Troubleshooting

Nobody likes being out on the road and finding out their refrigerator isn’t working! Learning how to service your refrigerator on your own is a vital skill for any RV owner. This article will help you identify the problems with your fridge, and different ways to fix those problems. Many times, it’s something minor that causes your refrigerator to malfunction. By checking the items listed in this article you may possibly avoid a costly refrigerator repair bill!


Filling holes

3. How to Keep Mice Out of an RV

This is a problem all RV owners face as they put their RV into storage: how do I keep mice out? By preemptively sealing and checking your RV, you can save yourself a lot of hassle and peace of mind when storing. In this video, learn how to ensure no mice invade your vehicle with a set-by-step inspection process.

Already struggling with a pest problem? You might be interested in: Bait, Traps, And Pet Friendly Tips To Get Rid Of Mice In An RV


Ask an RV Expert

4. What to do When a Gas Furnace Won’t Light

If your spark ignition (DSI) won’t ignite, you have a few different options for inspection and troubleshooting. Learn what to look for in your battery, fuse, and LP pressure to ensure your gas furnace works properly.

This article is part of our RV Ask an Expert program, do you have an RV repair question you’d like answered by an expert? Email your question to editor@rvrepairclub.com or reach out to us on Facebook.


Air conditioning roof vent

5. “Cool” Tips To Make Your RV Air Conditioner Run More Efficiently

Traveling in high temperatures can be torture if your RV air conditioner isn’t working properly. An RV air conditioner doesn’t work the same as our home thermostats and aren’t as easy operate. To optimize the performance of your roof air conditioner and help it run more efficiently, you need to understand: how the system works, what limitations it has, and how surrounding factors can affect your overall comfort.


RV Toilet

6. Troubleshooting an RV Toilet

Though it is a rare instance, you don’t want to be unfamiliar with your toilet when you’re somewhere up a mountain in negative temperatures and discover that the bowl won’t hold water… Watch this video to make sure you are well equipped to fix a malfunctioning toilet and avoid a big mess!


RV Kitchen

7. Common RV Refrigerators and Refrigerator Power Sources

Looking to change your RV refrigerator, or just better understand the fridge currently in your RV? In this video, Dave Solberg helps you identify your fridge and it’s power source. As with any other appliance, when your fridge goes kaput while you’re out in the middle of nowhere, there probably won’t be a certified technician nearby. It’s on you to know what’s going on inside and outside your fridge, so it pays to be aware!


What was your favorite thing you learned from RV Repair Club in 2018? Let us know in the comments below!

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18 Responses to “RVRC Best of 2018”

  1. Anthony Kennedy

    Our slide out suddenly stopped working as we were trying to close it. It is trying to close but very slowly. Any advise??

  2. Pat Chapman

    Can I add a hot spot to my existing wifi router?

  3. Rafael Nava

    Safety switch on ignition

  4. Annette Scarth

    Steps fail to extend

  5. Mike Ayers

    Camlock is just spinning won’t unlock awning to go back up won’t clamp to little pin to release awning pressure trying to replace awning fabric

  6. ralph hollinger

    Lippert leveling system in Mirada motorhome powers up on keypad. Jacks are retracted and pump will run for a few seconds if you push retract button so it knows jacks are up but neither in auto or manual will the pump run to lower jacks. The individual solenoids for front, rear, left and right receive 12 volts and do energize but the round pump motor solenoid and the directional solenoid on the valve body are not getting any voltage. If I jump the pump solenoid the motor runs but with no voltage it will not run via key pad. The control module has been replaced and Ii do not know what to trouble shoot next.

  7. Harold jarrell

    My leveling Jack's won't go down. I have a brake light on the dash and the rv is in park. At the control head I push the on button but the light says "Not in Park/Brake". How do I get the Jack's to deploy?

  8. Dan

    Getting a service code of a small wrench followed by 5d. What does it mean?

  9. john kattler

    how to replace long ac hoses from evaporator to dashboard

  10. Frank Harris

    just bought camper water coming out of hos on bottom