Jason & Lisa McEwen

The 9 Best Apps Every RVer Should Have

Jason & Lisa McEwen
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There are so many apps out there, it’s hard to know which ones are helpful and which ones are nothing more than clutter on your phone. And of course, not all apps are free, so it’s good to know which ones other RVers find useful.

To help, RVers Lisa and Jason McEwen share their favorite RV apps in this premium video.

Google Maps

Can you imagine RVing without GPS? Most vehicles have a built in nav system or can connect with apps like Google Maps.

Our favorite is Google Maps. It has clear instructions, you can add stops to your list, and it automatically reroutes you around traffic.


If you’re not a fan of Google Maps, Waze is a good alternative. It has a community component to it where you can interact with other “Wazers.”

RV Life

If you have a big rig, RV Life might be a good one for you. It can give you alternative routes based on your size and weight.


If you’re on a highway, iExit tells you what’s at each exit and how far gas stations are from the exit.

How many times have you gotten off the road to get gas, only to find that the gas station is about five miles away down some winding road? It happens, and you can avoid it with iExit.

All Stays

All Stays is a handy, multi-purpose app. We use it most to find larger travel centers to stop at. When you’re towing an RV, it’s just better to have more space. So, if we can, we stop at travel centers.

The app is also handy if you need to make a camping reservation on the fly. You can see which campgrounds are around you, see a quick description, and check the website for availability.

This app isn’t free. It’s a one-time cost of $9.99.

The Weather Channel app

When you’re RVing, you need to stay on top of the weather. Your plans can be altered quickly in bad weather, so consider downloading The Weather Channel App.

It has weather alerts for things like hurricanes or strong storms. It also has a long-range forecast so you can better plan your daily activities, and the radar is very helpful as well.


Facebook, believe it or not, does have RV applications. It’s mostly helpful to join RV groups on Facebook. We’re members of the Florida Catch and Release Group, for example, so if someone is releasing a campsite, they’ll release it so another member in the group can catch it, or reserve it.


Can anyone live without Amazon? When you realize you forgot your phone charger, you can go to Amazon and order another one. How do you get it delivered? You can have it delivered to the main office of your campground. You need to ask first, though, to make sure they’ll accept and hold packages. Or you can have it sent to a nearby Amazon locker and collect your package that way.


With the Walmart app, you can place an order for groceries and pick them up in the parking lot. The app can help you find the closest store.

To avoid congestion in the Walmart pickup section, it’s best to do pickups during the weeknights; weekends can get a little busy.

Want to learn more about RV apps? Check out this list of apps for thrifty RVers and check out more premium videos on our site.

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