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The Never-Bored RVers’ Journal: The Old Mormon Road

It’s doubtful that anyone is born with a gene that makes them an expert RVer on day one. When we bought our first RV – a 22-foot lightweight travel trailer – we didn’t even know where to fill the fresh-water tank! That’s why on our first time out as full-timers I knew practically nothing. One

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Theodore Roosevelt National Park: Preservation and Inspiration

It seems appropriate that one of this nation’s most remarkable and serene landscapes should be named after the president who spent the most time and effort to ensure the United States’ natural beacons remained preserved for all to enjoy. Theodore Roosevelt National Park, our only national park with a person as its namesake, is a

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Improving P30 Chassis Motorhome Stability

We recently received a question from a Club member regarding P30 chassis motorhome stability. Specifically, the member wondered if there was anything he could upgrade or tweak as far as the components of his RV’s chassis that would improve its handling. This issue gets raised fairly often, especially when it comes to older models of

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The Never-Bored RVers’ Journal: Homespun in New England

Travelers shopping for crafts along the back roads can find some treasures, but most of all, the fun is in the adventure and the chance to talk with locals. The best part about traveling through rural New England was the charming “Cottage Industries” sprinkled along the roadsides. These homespun businesses are the essence of what

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Refrigeration Essentials + DVD

You Get with Your Class:

  • In-depth Instruction; Over 100 minutes
  • On-demand video access ­ anytime
  • Indefinite access. Pay once, view forever
  • DVD copy mailed (FREE SHIPPING in U.S.A.)
  • Bonus materials, including several printable Class resources
  • Access to Class-only Q&A with RV experts

Exterior Care And Maintenance with DVD & Wand

You Get with Your Class:

  • In-depth Instruction; Nearly 2 hours
  • On-demand video access anytime
  • Indefinite access. Pay once, view forever
  • Clarity Defender Window Treatment
  • Bonus materials, including downloadable Class Guide and various Resources
  • Access to Class-only Q&A with Instructors

9 Awesome National Parks for RVers

National Parks are great destinations to see some breathtaking scenery. However, many RVers are surprised upon arrival that not all National Park campsites are RV friendly. Sometimes, RVers need to stay in private campgrounds close to the park, instead of actually in the park. RVing is an experience like no other, but you do need to prepare before embarking on your journey. Check out our list of parks that are great for RVers, all with their own write up from our resident RV travel expert: Sue Bray. Sue Bray has worked in the RV industry for 35+ years. Over the summer, Sue, her husband Mel, and their boxer Harley took off to tour the country in their 31’ fifth wheel, with no exact plans except to have an adventure. She’s chronicled her trip to provide advice for RVers for many of the most popular parks.
Portable RV Solar Panel

The 5 Most Useful Tech Gadgets for Your RV

RV technology has come a long way in recent years, so we’ve compiled a list of the top RV tech items that will make your travels easier! 1. RV GPS With Back Up Camera If you’ve been RVing for any amount of time, you know how tough it can be to maneuver when trying to

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