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RV Driving Tips: Regularly Check Your Brakes and Tires

Dave Solberg
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While driving, the tires, hubs and brakes of an RV can heat up. If these items get too hot, it can be a sign something is not right with your RV unit or the brake system. Experienced RV owners know one of the best RV driving tips someone can offer is to regularly stop, get out and check the temperatures of the tires, hubs and brakes. This, like other RV driving tips should be conducted on both motorhomes and trailers.

A good rule of thumb is to check the tires, hubs and brakes every time you stop for gas. To check the temperatures of these items use an infrared thermometer that can be purchased from any auto part or home improvement store.

Those offering you RV driving tips may also suggest using an IR sonic measurer like the one by Ryobi, which can be found at just about any home improvement store. You can set this tool to measure temperatures at Centigrade and Fahrenheit. This unit can also measure distance, which will help to check for clearance when pulling into a space and determine how far back the campsite goes. It also comes in handy for checking to see if there is enough room to extend side rooms out.

This RV driving tips video will demonstrate how to use the temperature gauge, what specific components to measure, and what the different temperature readings are telling you. The best time to take these readings is during the middle of the day when the sun is evenly beating on both sides of the unit. This will give you a more accurate reading of the temperature from wear and friction of the tires, bearings, and brakes rolling down the road rather than hot sun beating down on one side of the RV. Take these RV driving tips into consideration during your next trip.

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2 Responses to “RV Driving Tips: Regularly Check Your Brakes and Tires”

  1. Don Wolfe

    Thank you. That was very interesting. What does the Ryobi cost? Best regards.

  2. rich_hale

    This article needs to discuss what temperatures to worry about. What to do if the temps are too high. How to prevent problems that might cause them to be too high. I'd rate it about 2/5

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