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RV Trip Planning for Cold Weather

Jason & Lisa McEwen
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Are you planning to take an RV trip in cold weather? If so, it requires some additional planning. Here are some tips to plan ahead:

1. Watch the weather. Download a weather app like The Weather Channel. It’s always good to stay on top of the weather when you’re RVing, but if you’re driving to a snowy destination, you need to know what kind of road conditions to expect and what the weather will be like day-to-day.

2. Make sure campgrounds and attractions are open. It’s not uncommon for campgrounds and tourist spots to close during the winter. Before you make any plans, take some time to call around and make sure things are going to be open.

3. Fill your propane tanks. Before you go, get your tanks filled so you’re ready to turn on the heat. Don’t just fill the tanks; go inside the camper and turn the heat on to test it. Take a look at these heating system fundamentals before you go, too.

4. Dress your RV for cold temps. There are things you can do to your RV to help it fare better in the cold weather. Consider putting a skirt around the bottom to create a barrier for the bottom of the RV. You might need to seal the windows to keep your heat inside.

Keep your faucet running a little at night to keep pipes from freezing or wrap them in heat tape. You should also bring small, updated space heaters and electric blankets to keep things toasty inside.

5. Keep an eye on your tires. No matter what kind of weather you RV in, you need to watch your tires. It’s not just the pressure you should worry about—you’ll need snow tires on your RV and towing vehicles if you’re making a serious trip to icy locales.

6. Pack your winter essentials. If you’re RVing in snow, you need to dress for it. Bring the winter coat, boots, gloves, and a hat. Pack a pair of slippers, too. RV floors can be cold on your feet. Bring other essentials like a shovel and sand, and make sure you have an emergency kit in your towing vehicle just in case you run into trouble.

Learn more by watching our winter RV gear video.

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