Jason & Lisa McEwen

Tips for Traveling with Your Pet on an RV Trip

Jason & Lisa McEwen
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Do you take your pets along with you on your RV trips? Many people choose to travel with pets, not only for companionship but also because the cost of boarding can add up quickly. RV Lifestyle and Repair contributor Lisa McEwen travels with the family’s dog, a Basset/BloodHound named Milo. She offers tips for RVers who plan to bring their furry friend on the road.

Practice good etiquette

When Milo is out and about, the McEwens practice basic campground etiquette. First, don’t let your dog wander into someone else’s campsite. As always, you should respect everyone’s space, and while some people love dogs, it’s best to keep your pet in your own space.

Second, pick up after your dog. No one likes to step in dog poop, it’s that simple. So, even if your dog goes to the bathroom in the middle of the woods, pick it up. It’s your responsibility.

Give your pet its own space

When Milo is in the camper, he has his own space. He has his favorite bed from home and usually hangs out on it.

Give your pet bathroom breaks too

When you’re on the road, especially on long RV trips, stop for breaks and let your dog walk around and get a drink.

Limit the amount of time your pet is left unattended

Your pet could show behavior that could bother your neighbors, like barking nonstop. Don’t leave your pet alone too long. If you do, make sure the temperature is comfortable.

Bring your pet’s vaccination records

It’s a good idea to keep a copy of your pet’s records with you. If you need to visit a vet, you’ll have them on hand.

With these tips, you’ll surely enjoy your next RV trip with your pet.

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