Dave Solberg

Clear Elbow for a Cleaner Waste System

Dave Solberg
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Nobody likes the cleaning-up part of RVing. We’d all rather just kick back and enjoy the scenery, but we know the chores will still be there once we’ve done some relaxing. That’s why Dave Solberg provides you with the guidance you need to help make your job easier, so you can do what you have to and get back to exploring.

In this video, Dave talks about the benefit of picking up a clear elbow for your RV. You can make your job easier on waste-removal days by heading to your local RV supply shop or plumbing store and purchasing a clear elbow to affix to the valve for the black water and gray water tanks on your RV’s waste line.

The clear elbow is the perfect solution to an age-old problem: in this case, not being able to see through pipes. When you attach a see-through plastic elbow as a connector between the gray water or black water tanks and your waste removal hose, you can tell when the line is completely emptied and avoid any messy mishaps.

Additionally, a secondary benefit of the clear elbow comes in handy when you are flushing the sewage system after it has been emptied. By running water through the line, you can use the clear elbow to determine when you’ve gotten all the bad stuff out of there. If you see clean water coming through, you know you’re good to go.

A simple procedure like this can have a big impact on the way you go about your maintenance and inspection routines while out on the road. A little time-saver such as an inexpensive plastic elbow is capable of avoiding you a lot of headache.

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One Response to “Clear Elbow for a Cleaner Waste System”

  1. Phil

    I liked the clear elbow idea but what is the small black tube coming off the side?

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