Clearing Out Your RV’s Black Water Tank with a Flush Wand

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When you’re out on the road for an extensive period of time, routine cleaning becomes highly important for maintaining a comfortable living environment. One of the parts of your RV that’s most essential to keep clean is the bathroom, and specifically the toilet and black water tank connected to it.

Many RVers rely on their regular hose to flush out the black water tank on their rig, and while it may seem to do the job, they’re likely not getting as thorough a clean as they think. To keep your black water tank completely clean and ensure your bathroom remains fresher longer, there’s a simple tool you should add to your toolkit.

It’s called a flush wand, and it’s going to drastically improve the way you clean your black water tank. In this lesson, RVing expert Dave Solberg teaches you how to use the high pressure spray of a flush wand to clean every inch of the pipes and tank below. Get yourself a flush wand, you’ll be glad you did!




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