Dave Solberg

How to Make an RV Compass with Basic Materials

Dave Solberg
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Duration:   1  mins

You’re lost in the woods, and you forgot to pack your compass. Time to climb the tallest tree and set off the rescue flares, right? You could, but instead of jumping for the dramatic, we recommend taking a deep breath and then searching your pack for two simple items. In this lesson, RV expert Dave Solberg teaches you how to build a nifty RV compass using a couple basic tools. With Dave’s help, you can quickly find due north and navigate your way back to camp!

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2 Responses to “How to Make an RV Compass with Basic Materials”

  1. Monty Arch

    So, I'm going to carry a needle and steel wool while hiking? Not me, I'll bring a compass. instead.

  2. Carl Mallory

    The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, hence east west north south

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