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RV Entertainment Center Overview

Dave Solberg
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When traveling, sometimes what you want to watch on television is not what the kids, your husband, wife, or other travel companions want to watch. Because of this, your RV entertainment center offers you the ability to control what signals are fed into the two different parts of the RV: the front and the back. Using the RV entertainment center controls at the front of the unit, you will be able to control whether or not a television is receiving signals from the antenna, an auxiliary feed or the VCR/DVD player.

With an RV entertainment center control box your unit can receive a signal through an antenna feed that can be routed to either the front or the back television in the RV. You can also choose to connect to an auxiliary source which can be used to connect to campground feeds or to a satellite dish.

Though not very popular, the RV entertainment center will have a switch to send the signal from a VCR to the televisions. When sending the signal to the front television you will have the option to record something from the antenna or auxiliary connection. In most models, only the front television source will allow the record feature with a DVD player to be used.

Depending upon your RV entertainment center control panel model, you can opt to replace the VCR with a DVD player. However, there will not be an option to record from an outside source when connecting with a DVD player.

The RV entertainment center makes it very convenient and possible to watch two different feeds on different televisions. It is a great way to give the kids their space in the back of the RV where they can watch their favorite cartoons, while the parents relax in the dining or living room area of the unit.

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6 Responses to “RV Entertainment Center Overview”

  1. louis

    just bought a jayco 31SS 2004, it has 5 speakers on the inside but exterior mounted. normal speaker wires are ran to the would be media center. just have a tv and the wires sticking out a hole currently. those speaker wires must plug into something before the tv. receiver or amplifier. everything I see at stores is heavy and bulky. any suggestions on what others use? in the video i am responding to I also have that switch box.

    • Customer Service

      Hello Louis,

      The switch box in the entertainment center will not help with audio, rather switch the signal going to the TV in the front and back if you have one.  This was for older TVs that did not have an input function used through the remote.  If you have 5 speakers, they could have installed a 12-volt surround sound system that did have a smaller receiver/amplifier made specifically for the RV industry.  It was a Bose knock off with 4 speakers and a subwoofer that was just an oval 6×9 inserted in the floor.  If you are getting a new TV, get one with audio jacks out and put RCA adapters on the speaker wire.  Check to see if your TV is a newer model that may have been swapped out and if it has audio out RCA jacks?  If it does, your can install the RCA jacks to the speaker wires and plug them in, but probably will only have a left and right so you’ll have to decide what wires go to what side?  Another option is to go to Best Buy and find the smallest surround sound system they have.  We bought a Panasonic Blue Ray player that
      ad connections for surround sound so we did not have to buy a amp/receiver and got a small DVD/Blue Ray player and surround sound!   

      Hope this helps,
      David RVRC Video Membership

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  2. Brian

    I have a Furrion 32″ in my class c model that needs to be replace since the tv screw brackets have been broken pulling the unit out from the swing arm. Is the wire at the bottom hardwired in with this unit. Tried to remove but did not unplug like the rest of the cables?

    • Customer Service

      Hi, Brian. From what I can see in the owner’s manual for the Furrion 32” FEHS32D9A model, there are several RCA plugs underneath and the power cord? All the coax and HDMI connections are on the side. If it’s the power cord, I believe it’s a plug in style vs. hard wired? Most of the flat screens that I have used in the past several years have been plug in. Lippert Components Inc (LCI) owns the Furrion brand so if you can not get the wire out, I would suggest contacting them.

  3. Cheri

    What is the best way to update an existing system like this to a newer flat-screen and HDMI blue-ray/DVD player? Is there a newer entertainment center to replace this? Would you have to run HDMI all the way from the front to the back TV?

    • Customer Service Techs

      Hi Cheri,
      To get the true effect of Blue Ray, you would need to run HDMI cable to the back TV, however I’m not sure you’ll be able to see that much difference with a smaller TV that would be in the bedroom? Since you did not say what year the coach is, I don’t know if you have RG6 or older RG59 coax cable. One way to run cable is to install it through the upper cabinets where the sidewall meets the roof and cover it with wood trim from a home repair store. They make a 1” that has a rounded edge that would hide the cable very well. This can also be used in areas that the cabinet stops and the cable would be exposed.

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