Dave Solberg

RVRC LIVE: June 2022

Dave Solberg
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Duration:   1 mins

Get ready for your next trip by asking Dave all your RV questions during our hour LIVE. We have a great download on 50 State Parks to Visit on Your Next Road Trip for you to grab before your next trip!

Share tips, start a discussion or ask one of our experts or other students a question.

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7 Responses to “RVRC LIVE: June 2022”

  1. Jianhua Ye

    I have a 2021 airsprinterRV, now my RV modelhome’s black water can’t work,I try to change new fuse,But it can’t work too,new fuse is burning out!I stay Austin,how can I do?please help me!

  2. Susan M Masten

    We have a 2014 Coachman Leprechaun and we de-winterized our rig but we can’t seem to be able to figure out how to fill the fresh water tank without the water running straight out the bottom. We tried to open up the valves that were closed when we had it winterized and nothing works to fill the tank.

  3. Kevin

    I have a 2022 Thor Delano FB24 with insta hot water heater. How do you keep hot water coming when you use the trickle button. When you turn it back on it is all cold water till the water heater gets back up to temperature

  4. Stewart Merrill

    Hi, Can you recommend a Good resource for older Keystone 2005 5th wheel parts. Need plumbing city connection gate valve. OM part maker no longer makes this valve, I did find Click Fit website for fittings. Thanks sm


    why don, why don't gen charge chassis batterys.03 fourwinds

  6. Jayne

    2016 LTV Unity TB Oman 3600 generator (161 hrs) control panel MELTED when I started the van engine (Mercedes Sprinter chassis). Black smoke came out the generator vent, stopped when I turned off engine. This occurred three times then stopped. Local RV place(not an LTV dealer) has not been able to locate replacement control panel. My question is what caused this to happen in the first place? A faulty control panel or some larger issue? Thanks

  7. Gary Winkler

    On a 5th wheel with slideouts, the refrigerator has to be shut when slideouts are shut. After a trip and putting rv back in storage, how do you keep refrigerator from molding etc. when you can't keep the refrigerator doors open?

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