Dave Solberg

RVRC LIVE! September 2021

Dave Solberg
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Duration:   59  mins

We had incredible questions for our September 2021 Q&A. Watch it back now and learn something new!

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7 Responses to “RVRC LIVE! September 2021”

  1. Charles Bradley

    I just purchased a 2019 Coachmen 32WC. The steering seems to be a little sloppy when I go over 50 MPH. Is there any way to make the steering more responsive?

  2. David Patnaude

    Best lubricant for scissor jacks?

  3. Karen White

    Hi. I just purchase a new RV and I'm renovating it. I want to know where how I can get a manuel for a 1997 Damon Daybreaker. I also want to know if I can use the seat belts to hold the sofa. I'm putting in new sofa.

  4. Matthew Ritter

    My 1995 Pace Arrow Fleetwood has been sitting at the mechanics shop for over a year. Finally fixed the leveling devise! What should I check for to get it back on the road since it's been sitting for so long?

  5. Tim Haibach

    How would I wire an isolation switch on my motorhome so that I can decide if the alternator charges only the engine battery or both house and engine battery simultaneously? I have solar for my house bank so my engine battery is left wanting.

  6. John

    I'm considering upgrading house to lithium with a lithium charger, but I don't want to damage my alternator. Is it possible to install a switch or otherwise isolate your motorhome alternator from charging the house battery if solar is primary and generator is secondary?

  7. Tim

    Using a speed charger while running the generator: Is it safe to run a generator that is charging a house battery while simultaneously using a speed charger that is plugged into AC outlet also running off the generator powering the same house battery? If not, why?

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