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Best Meat to Grill on RV Trips

Dave Solberg
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There’s nothing better than getting to your campsite at dinnertime after a long haul and pulling out the grill for a nice “homemade” meal. The smell and taste of freshly grilled meat is just what the doctor ordered to make you feel at home even if you’re a thousand miles away. We want to help you figure out the best meat to grill and the proper way to store, preserve and prepare that meat when you’re out on the road. So in this lesson, RV expert Dave Solberg stops by Louie’s Custom Meat & More to discover what makes for a good steak and what other options you have for the ideal meal on wheels.

RV Grilling Basics: The Best Meat to Grill on the Go

Although your options for grilling on the road are seemingly limitless and can be adapted to your preferences, there are a few solid choices that can’t be beaten. Louie and Dave talk about what makes the black angus ribeye the king of the grill, from its quality to its affordability. You can also never go wrong with beef tenderloin, T-bones and the more recently popular ranch steaks. The best meat to grill is a matter of preference, of course, but there’s a reason favorites are favorites!

As far as alternatives to the tried and true, a good barbeque can involve pre-made and marinated chicken and veggie kebabs, bratwursts, bacon-wrapped asparagus, and so, so much more!

After you’ve made your selections, you’ll need to know how to store and preserve your meats. If you’re planning to be on the road for a while, but don’t expect to dig into your stockpile until later on, proper storage is essential. Louie explains how a good butcher or meat supplier can help you to freeze your order and keep it edible. Regarding quality, he always recommends that you look for USDA Choice or higher, and check the package date for freshness (when buying from a supermarket). And if you ever feel unsure, ask an expert!

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