Dave Solberg

How to Determine Optimal RV Tire Pressure

Dave Solberg
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Duration:   2  mins

We get asked quite often by RV Repair Club members how to find the ideal tire pressure for their vehicle. It seems pretty intuitive—just look on the tire sidewall, right? In theory, yes. In practice, not so much. In this free video lesson, RV repair expert Dave Solberg teaches you the best way to find out what RV tire pressure your vehicle needs for optimal performance and tire lifespan.

Tips for Finding RV Tire Pressure Sweet Spot

In order to fill your RV tires to their ideal level, there are a few important things you’ll have to learn about the vehicle they’re transporting. Dave explains what dictates proper RV tire pressure and walks you step-by-step through a series of tasks you should complete before hitting the road. As always, proper inflation means putting as much of the tire’s tread and surface area flat on the road. No bulging, no pinching, no rounded edges!

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2 Responses to “How to Determine Optimal RV Tire Pressure”

  1. Bruce

    I cannot find the tire inflation chart mentioned in the video. I did find a page called " tire inflation tables" that listed different tire manufacturers, but clicking on the manufacturer names did not go anywhere.

  2. Steve

    What do batteries have to do with tire pressure?

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