How Protect All Makes Your Rig Last Longer

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For decades Protect All has been an industry-leading provider of cleaning, treating and protecting solutions that helps RVers extend the lifespan of their vehicles. Protect All products can be used on just about any rig to keep plastic, leather, EPDM roofing and a range of other materials and surfaces in tip-top shape. They’ve recently added two new solutions to their line of wonderful products, Rubber Roof Treatment (RRT) and All Surface Care (ASC). In this lesson, we explain why we’re such big fans of these new features, and talk about all the ways you can utilize them on your rig.

Since he can remember, RVing expert Dave Solberg has relied on Protect All products to get the most out of his vehicles. So it’s no surprise Dave is thrilled to introduce the latest in the line of Protect All solutions, RRT and ASC. He walks you through a quick demonstration to show you how these agents work, discussing the importance of treating any surface that can break down under harsh UV rays or that comes in contact with the elements. Dave is a believer: if you apply Protect All products to your rig, it will hold up stronger and last longer!

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7 Responses to “How Protect All Makes Your Rig Last Longer”
    • Customer Service

      Hello Ron,

      It depends on what material your roof was refinished with? If it’s EPDM, TPO, or fiberglass, yes you can. If it was covered with the Dicor refinish product which is a roll on rubber type paint like application, I do not know what they recommend?

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  1. Tom Nelson

    I was not happy to see a advertisement for guns and getting extra ammunition if you bought one before see the the free video. I understand that you do need to have advertising before the videos, but not for GUNS! Thank you.

    • Customer Service

      Hello Tom,

      We apologize for the ad appearing on the videos that you were watching. We are aware of this and are currently fixing this so you should not see these types of ads in the future.

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  2. tom

    I’ve been reading that you shouldn’t use this on rv rubber roofs because it has petroleum distillates in it. Is this true?

  3. Jim Johnson

    How is Protect All different from Armour All? Seems like both are designed to replace oils that have evaporated from polymer based materials and leather.

    • Customer Service

      Dear Jim,

      Thank you for your patience. In response to your question-

      They both essentially do the same thing, protect different materials. Each brand has some different components and unlike Protect All, the Armor All brands have specific uses for each item. There is a separate one for leather, tires, plastics etc but Protect All can do all of these in one. It is even good on painted surfaces whereas Armor All is not recommended on painted surfaces. Protect All is more carnauba wax based and can withstand harsh conditions well. They are both good products but have little differences. I hope this helps!

      RV Repair Club Technical Expert


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