Dave Solberg

RV Grey Water System 101 and Benefits of Recycling Kit

Dave Solberg
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RVers who like dry camping, or boondocking, know how valuable their fresh water supply can be. If you go days between spots with available fresh water, you need to conserve your supply as much as possible. The basic RV plumbing setup uses clean water to flush the toilets, much like a toilet at home will do. While this is normal at home with an endless supply of water, this can be a large waste when dry camping or on the road.

Your water system drains into two different tanks: grey water and black water. Black water is only from the toilet, while grey water comes from the shower, the hand sinks, and the kitchen sink. While not perfectly clean for drinking or cooking, the water in the grey tank is clean enough to use flushing toilets, saving the clean water for human consumption. The question is how to transform the RV grey water system into water to flush the toilet.

In this video you’ll learn how to install a grey water recycling kit. You’ll find out about the RV grey water system and how it treats the water to ensure no bacteria grow in your plumbing system using a special carbon wrapped filter. Watch to find out how the simple kit can be installed, and learn tips about how to keep the pipes clear of foreign objects that can clog the pipes. USI RV makes this kit, and it will greatly extend the capacity of your fresh water tank by ensuring you don’t use any of it just to flush the toilet.

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2 Responses to “RV Grey Water System 101 and Benefits of Recycling Kit”

  1. Chuck Vroman

    <strong>Ticket 38208</strong> This sounds like it would be an excellent addition to our 2017 VIBE 268RBK trailer! Not only would it save on fresh water, we would not have to worry about the kitchen sink, because that drains to a different grey tank. Where can I find more information on this recycling kit?

  2. Ben Falk

    More info on the grey water recycling equipment please .

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