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RV Monitor Panel Overview

Dave Solberg
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An RV Monitor Panel is the information center for most of the systems in your RV. It is generally located in an easy to read location such as the kitchen or hallway. Older models provide limited information on holding tank, freshwater tank, LP power and battery power levels. An older RV monitor panel may have a single switch for the water pump and there may be some other switches for the water pump in the bathroom or outside. There is also a water heater on and off switch at the panel. The older models are very basic.

Some of the newer models make it possible to adjust the sensitivity of the RV monitor panel. This comes in handy when the readings are not matching what the actual levels are. Also, a newer RV monitor panel comes with more options and offers a lot more information to the RV owner.

A newer RV monitor panel shows individual levels for the battery, fresh water tank, gray water main, black water main, gray water number two and black water number two. It also shows the generator fuel level if here is a generator onboard. You can also start the water pump, LP gas water heater and operate all of the lights in different zones of the RV from one single control panel. Being able to control the lights form the RV monitor panel makes it possible to turn the lights off all at once, rather than having to go switch to switch.

Depending upon the RV unit, the monitor panel also controls the slide room mechanisms and any other mechanical features the RV has.

The monitor panel makes everything needed to keep an eye on the RV conveniently located in a single area of the unit.

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19 Responses to “RV Monitor Panel Overview”

  1. Fred

    I have a 2015 Cruiser 345Bh fifth wheel. How do I find a part number on the monitor panel board?

  2. Richard

    Question i have a 1985 Vandura class c motorhome and the single switch for lp gas tank 1 and tank 2 and battery buttons are located on the range hood can i use a wall mount instead cause my range hood needs replacing.

  3. Bill Lowery

    What does the Aux button on the water tank control board stand for? Thx

  4. Roger Steward

    I have a 2015 Airstream Interstate Grand Tour and found out the 31 series batteries that were in it are the wrong ones from the factory and had to get the proper battery boxes from Airstream so they could install the 24 series batteries properly.The problem is that on the first time out this year the 100% charge didn't last the night.Fridge and freezer and one cpap machine running starting from 10pm and the batteries were at 10% by 5am. My old 31 series batteries would be down to 30 - 40% by 7am. Is this the normal with the smaller agm batteries or does it sound like another problem?

  5. Steve Lowrance

    I have a 2016 Fleetwood South win 32VS I am trying to locate the fuse for the Monitor Panel?

  6. Nicole

    The toggle switch for interior lighting is really hard to switch on and off on my 2014 Aspen Trail monitor panel. Is that something I can switch out or do I have to buy a whole new panel? I’m getting no straight answer using google

  7. Jody

    My 1998 Rialta water monitoring panel circuit board has gone out—i Need a new circuit board or a new water monitor for the gray and black water levels— anyone know where I can get one? Or a replacement?

  8. Terrye Godown

    We have a 2002 Georgie Boy which we've updated to a degree. In this next upgrade we want to replace the range hood/component monitor. I've called around and can not find any info as to whether or not my model "Ventline" TML 12V DC can be replaced. The letters are wearing off the indicator making it difficult to read, the fan motor is loud and the slide on-off lever is wearing out. Can anyone point me to where I can trace this model to perhaps a newer, workable one?

  9. Bob ball

    Dead batteries boondocking.

  10. mikeyme10

    Bad switch on panel for flood lights. Flood light switch light stays on even when in off position. Flood lights stay on as well.

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