Dave Solberg

RV Propane Tank Overfill Protection Device Identification

Dave Solberg
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Anyone who owns or travels in an RV understands the importance of RV propane tanks. Before any RV propane tank can be filled with propane, the cylinder will be inspected to ensure than an overfill protection device is installed. Although all RV propane tanks made after October of 1998 are required to have an overfill protection device (also known as an OPD), it is important to know where exactly it is located and how to identify when the RV propane tank fills to reach the proper level of propane, and the flow of gas is shut off by the float.

What exactly is an OPD? It is “A Safety device that is designed to provide an automatic means to prevent the filling of a container in excess of the maximum permitted filling limit” as defined by the National Fire Protection Association Pamphlet. The OPD is needed because overfilled RV propane tanks can potentially create hazardous conditions when subjected to warmer weather. If you are wondering if your current RV propane tank has an OPD installed, check the value. It should have a triangular hand wheel stamped with the letters OPD. Learn more about OPDs and exactly how they work in this informational RV video.

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