Dave Solberg

RV Propane Usage: How Long Does Propane Last?

Dave Solberg
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We’ve had a number of Repair Club members ask the best way to tell how long RV propane tanks will last. The short answer is, it depends. The mileage you’ll get out of your LP system on a single fill varies based on two factors: the quantity of propane on your rig and your specific RV propane usage, i.e. the number of components you operate that utilize propane and the frequency of their operation.

For example, if your RV is outfitted with two large tanks and you expend minimal propane per day, you can expect to have gas for quite a while. However, if you only have a small tank and you’re consistently running the fridge, water heater and stovetop, you’ll likely run low in no time. In this lesson, Dave Solberg goes into greater depth on the subject of RV propane usage to give you a sense of how long you can expect your propane to last.

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