Dave Solberg

RV Size Limits for State and National Parks: What’s the Rule?

Dave Solberg
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Duration:   1  mins

We’re asked all the time: Is there a nationwide size restriction on RVs and trailers in state and national parks? The short answer is no. Most parks in the United States treat RVs differently; some allow every type of rig, from the standard tow trailer to 45-foot rolling estates, while other parks deem certain roads off-limits to anything larger than an SUV.

With that in mind, RVing expert Dave Solberg discusses the concept of RV size limits for state and national parks. He explains why a handful of parks are an absolute no-go for RVs, and talks about the importance of checking the National Park Service website before you plan your next trip to find out whether your vehicle is allowed all places, most places, or no places in the park you’re visiting. Take Dave’s advice and research before you ride, and you’ll avoid any confrontations with the law or annoyed park rangers.

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