Dave Solberg

The Benefits of a Specialized RV Propane Tank Valve

Dave Solberg
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Duration:   2  mins

The amount of LP gas that flows out of your RV’s propane tank into your system will vary, depending on what appliances you’re using. The refrigerator may be on almost all the time, but if you add the stove and furnace into the mix it’s natural to assume more gas will be required. No matter what you’re using, though, the gas should flow in a steady rate throughout the system. Sudden bursts of gas going through the lines can have many causes, but one of the most common ones is a leak in the system, whether from a fitting that’s come loose or a break in the system itself.

LP gas leaks can be dangerous as well as expensive, wasting propane and adding an intense fire risk to the rig. Turning off the source of the gas to the system as soon as possible is the first and most important job. This is done by closing off the RV propane tank valve located on the tank itself. This cuts off any further gas from going into the lines, and allows the area to be cleared without further danger.

In this video you’ll learn about the excess flow valve, an RV propane tank valve that automatically shuts off the gas when the system rapidly calls for larger amounts of gas. You’ll find out reasons why your system might require more gas quickly, and how to distinguish a real need from a possible leak. You’ll also learn how to fill your system at the beginning of the year without setting off the excessive flow valve. There is a right and a wrong way to turn on the tank and this video gives you tips and hints on the best way to do it.

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