Wingman Boosts the Reach of Your RV TV Antenna

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Duration: 1:39

With the advent of new technologies like HDTV and digital TV, RVers often ask whether they need a new RV TV antenna. This informative video introduces the easy-to-install Wingman booster that effectively increases your range and reception, eliminating the need to invest in another RV TV antenna.

The video asks you to analyze how much TV you really watch while you’re on the road. If you’re like many RVers, you’re outside most of the day – either exploring your surroundings, picnicking with friends or relaxing on a lounge chair with a cold drink. At night, you might watch TV to catch up on the news, watch a show or check on road conditions.

Also like many RVers, you’d like to increase your range without replacing your RV TV antenna. That’s where the Wingman booster comes in. This simple unit optimizes digital and HD programming, and it’s long lasting thanks to its powder-coated elements that hold up well in harsh weather.

Another huge plus: The Wingman RV TV antenna booster is a snap to install. You just go up on the roof of your RV and screw it on to your existing antenna. RVers who use the Wingman report that installation only takes a few minutes.

If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to an RV TV antenna, watch this video to learn about an amazing booster that increases both your reception and the numbers of channels you get.

Even if you only watch a little TV at night, you want a clear picture and a variety of shows. After viewing this short presentation, you’ll realize how simple it is to add the Wingman RV TV antenna booster and enjoy the viewing options you want when you travel.

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9 Responses to “Wingman Boosts the Reach of Your RV TV Antenna”

  1. Ernestina Sedillo

    How do you replace the quad rings on a rv tv antenna the old batman attena on a 2005 prowler regal 330fks

    • Customer Service

      You actually need a special tool to remove the antenna, I will share a link below to it. You first have to the remove the handle inside, drop the spring and the turning tube. Once these are down you use the special too to reach inside and loosen the nut holding the antenna in place. Once removed the antenna lifts out of the opening and you can replace the quad ring. You can then put it back together making sure the nut isn’t too tight, just snug so the antenna can turn, and then reinstall the handle.

      DanRV Repair Club Technical Expert

  2. David

    How about a Amazon link to purchase. The link could generate TV Repair Club revenue.

    • Customer Service

      Hi, David. Thanks for visiting the RV Repair Club site and the great feedback/suggestions. We are developing a store that will be launched in the future and recommend visiting your local dealer or RV supplier for most of the products demonstrated on the site. Amazon is a great site for generic items, dealers and suppliers will have the technical support and warranty capability for most of the products.

  3. David

    I’d like to see before and after videos demoing the improvement. In addition a step by step guide of the installation.

  4. George Daunis

    Hi I have a question, when you add the wingman do you point the tail toward the signal antenas or 180′ away from the signal antenas. In other words which end do you point towards the signal.

    • Customer Service Techs

      Hi George,
      The old batwing received signals from the side of the unit, so when you install the wingman to that side, that is what you point to the signal tower. Inside your RV, the crank handle has an arrow, this is the direction of the signal. Keep in mind, most TV stations do not have the main signal tower at the station, rather somewhere in a remote place for better open space reception. I’ve always just rotated the antenna to find the best reception. Winegard also makes a product called Sensar Pro that is a handheld signal finder.

      • Charles Lucas

        A little confused about the batwing direction after reading this. Do you mean to use the long section of the antenna to point towards the signal? In other words the the long “wings” of the antenna or to be parallel with the source of the signal?

        • Customer Service

          The metal ends sticking out are the receivers that pick up the VHF channels and the white box is what picks up the UHF channels. The side of the white box opposite the lifting arm is the front and is what is needed to point towards towers for a better signal. When you attach the Wingman you are installing it on the front of the box. The Wingman will point the antenna towards the tower and will make the signal stronger by adding more receivers to the system.


          RV Repair Club Technical Expert

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