Dave Solberg

Choosing the Best Generator for Your RV

Dave Solberg
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Duration:   4  mins

Every RV model is a little bit different, whether in its shape, size, capabilities or maintenance requirements. What works for your friend’s RV might not work for yours; it’s all about assessing what you have and making the right choice for your model. This is especially true for finding the right generator you use to power all of the appliances on your vehicle. When you choose the most appropriate and best generator for RV specifications, you must keep in mind all that you’ll need to get by and enjoy yourself on the road.

Selecting the best generator for your RV requires that you figure out just how much juice you’ll need to run the appliances you use throughout your travels, including small gadgets and larger items such as AC units and water heaters. For instance, if you know you’re only going to need to charge your computer and your cell phone, a smaller portable option is going to be the best generator for your RV.

Whereas if you’re traveling in peak summertime and you’ll be off the beaten path for a little while, you’ll probably need the rooftop AC and a few major appliances, so the best generator for your RV might be a larger on-board model. In this quick lesson, RV expert Dave Solberg teaches you how to choose the best generator for your RV that will suit your vehicle’s energy capacity as well as the specific needs of your trip.

How to Pick the Best Generator for RV Specifications

To help you figure out the ideal power supply for the appliances on your vehicle, Dave walks you step by step through the process of selecting the best generator for your RV, explaining what goes into the selection process and what’s available on the ever-expanding market. He first talks about some of the ways you can determine how much power you’ll need to keep those appliances up and running. For example, you can utilize a tool such as a Kilowatt to plug in your various devices and get a read on their power demands. Some appliances, including refrigerators and microwaves, also have their capabilities written directly on their data plate.

Dave then discusses what you should consider when searching for the best generator for your RV. Are you towing a small trailer with no onboard source? Or are you trekking cross country in a diesel pusher that houses two roof-mounted AC units and a full-sized fridge? If you’re making your way in a fifth-wheel, your options for generators might be a bit different. As we mentioned, every unit comes with its own unique considerations.

What else should you keep in mind?

You’ll also learn how to test the output required of common appliances and discover why a generator inverter might be necessary for the kind of appliances you plan on using. Dave discusses the importance of inverters, which produce true sine waves, as regular generators give off raw power that can fry microprocessors in computers and other portable devices.

Finally Dave introduces the typical fuel sources you’ll find when you shop for a generator and tells you which is best for certain types of generators and RVs. Use these insider tips to determine the best generator for your RV, and you shouldn’t encounter any unexpected outages or potential damage to your appliances the next time you hit the road!

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