Dish Network Wally: Upgrading Your RV TV Experience

Duration: 6:07

Learn how to get more out of your RV TV viewing experience by making the upgrade to Dish Network Wally. In this free video, Dave Solberg explains why Wally is his go-to choice for picking up a clear picture anywhere he travels. He also introduces supplemental equipment you should consider to enhance your package, including an external hard drive for the DVR and top-of-the-line bluetooth headphones.

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4 Responses to “Dish Network Wally: Upgrading Your RV TV Experience”
  1. Jay Fishman
    Jay Fishman

    Don’t forget to mention that if you want to use a hard drive with your Wally, Dish has to authorize and initialize that hard drive. And for that, they rip you off for $40. I finally bit the bullet and paid Dish their ransom and the hard drive works great as a DVR but what a RIP OFF of existing customers to charge them $40 to use their own hard drive as a DVR. $10-15 ok. But $40??!!

  2. Randy Myrick
    Randy Myrick

    Dish rips you every way they can. Wouldn’t furnish a receiver and just charge you $7 bucks amonth. Direct furnished a receiver no charge and charge $7 bucks. Dish gets you every way they can.

  3. harddrive4x4too

    There is a much simpler way and that is a $35 chromcast gen 3 unit I purchased from Amazon. I have dish hopper3 at home and I get dish anywhere with my subscription. I can play the dish anywhere app on my smartphone tablet or laptop and cast to watch anything I subscribe to including my DVR to my tv. It uses the Chrome browser or the play store app google home. Your tv must have an HDMI port. If anyone has questions email me at