Driving RV Tips: Maneuvering a Right-Hand Turn

Duration: 5:00

Taking a right-hand turn in an RV can be a daunting task for new drivers. Ditches, road signs and other impediments instill fear in every first-timer. But here’s a word of advice: relax. We’ve all been there, and after a few times of slow steering and nervous sweats, you’ll have it figured out and can stop worrying about it! In this quick lesson, Dave Solberg hops into the driver’s seat to show you how it’s done, demonstrating the driving RV tips you’ll need to safely and appropriately navigate any right-hand turn in a motorhome, coach or truck-and-trailer.

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One Response to “Driving RV Tips: Maneuvering a Right-Hand Turn”
  1. Steve Valenta
    Steve Valenta

    I just watched your video on maneuvering right hand turns. I have a CDL and they teach you NOT to go in the left lane to make a right turn. The book says to go into on coming traffic to complete your turn. I know it doesn’t make sense but I know drivers have been issued tickets because they went into the left lane. I did notice your driver didn’t go far into the left lane but not everyone will see that. Thanks