Dumping an RV Black Water Tank: Tips and Tools

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To make sure your RV plumbing system remains in tiptop shape and your cab doesn’t take on any unpleasant aromas, you should consistently and completely clean the RV black water tank. Dumping the black water tank is a relatively intuitive process, but there are additional steps you can take and tools you can use to guarantee you’ve given it the thorough rinse necessary for comfortable living conditions. In this lesson, we teach you a few handy tips that are essential to maintaining a spotless RV black water tank between road trips.

After highlighting the important precautions you should always consider before and after dumping a black water tank, Dave Solberg introduces some of his favorite inexpensive hose attachments that ensure a mess-free job. You’ll learn how to utilize an affixed clear plastic elbow and basic garden hose to see exactly when the tank is emptying and clean. With Dave’s tips and tool suggestions, you can rest easy knowing your black water tank is in good shape!

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