Hydraulic Lippert Slide-Out Operational Walkthrough

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Duration: 1:53

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Slide-out rooms have dramatically changed the way we travel by RV. Offering further opportunities for arrangement and greater living space, slide-outs can make life on the road a whole lot more comfortable. With new technology and a wide range of models, RVers get to customize their slide-out room to fit their preferences and unique needs.

One such model that has revolutionized the capabilities of slide-outs is the Lippert slide-out. Easy to operate, little to maintain, this sturdy piece of technology has altered the way we look at slide rooms. In this lesson, we give you a quick walkthrough of the Lippert slide-out, and show you why its hydraulic, through-frame setup has won awards and the hearts of RVers everywhere.

The benefits of a Lippert slide-out

Nowadays retractable RV rooms are being made bigger, bulkier and more lavish, requiring more capable slide-out framework and structural components. With Lippert’s hydraulic slide-out, the company has found the perfect solution to a heavy and cumbersome slide room. Dave Solberg walks you through the operation of a Lippert slide-out, and shows you what makes this system better than all the rest.

This through-frame slide room is hidden in the front compartment and operated by a hydraulic motor that pushes the room out on retractable rails. With hydraulic fluid pumped to the attached cylinder, the Lippert slide-out is pushed in and out in just a few seconds. It is sealed on all edges, and has flappers on the top and sides that squeegee the surfaces as the room slides back in, keeping any moisture from getting inside. We’re huge fans of the through-frame Lippert slide-out, and we guarantee if you give it a try for yourself, you’ll never opt for another model again!