Dave Solberg

Inspecting and Cleaning a Camper Water Heater

Dave Solberg
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Duration:   6  mins

In this premium video lesson RV maintenance and repair experts Dave Solberg and Steve Albright walk you through the components, maintenance and function of a basic camper water heater. Our demo RV’s six-gallon water heater uses standard LP and 12 volts to open the gas valve.

Camper Water Heater Inspection

Before you fire up the water heater, you’ll want to complete a quick inspection to make sure everything is in proper working order. Steve shows you how to do this, looking for any debris, burnt or otherwise damaged wires, cobwebs or mice nests.

If the LP system does light, you’ll want to check your camper water heater for a good blue flame that’s not too strong or weak. Ensuring no wires are burnt is especially important, because they can be a major fire risk. Most newer models have added a fuse to the water heater to avoid back burn from burnt wires and will immediately shut off when sensed.

Once you’ve completed a proper inspection to find potential risks, you’ll want to conduct a thorough cleaning to prevent these risks. That includes limiting mineral damage by blowing air into the ORFA. Steve explains how to do this and other cleaning measures. Keep your camper water heater in good condition and you should have no problem with hot water on your rig!

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