Installing an RV Keyless Door Lock for Easier Access

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Duration: 13:08

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Keys are so last year! Depending on the number of people you bring along on your RV trip, you might need to make more than a handful of keys so everyone has access to the front door. This method can be costly, time consuming and just plain annoying, so we have a better way to protect your entryway.

You can simplify the process and remove the need for any hardware and enter the 21st century by installing an RV keyless door lock on your unit. In this lesson, we teach you how to replace your RV’s standard locking mechanism with an RV keyless door lock that employs a four-digit passcode and mounts directly into the spot where your old mechanism used to be.

How to mount an RV keyless door lock

For the level of convenience that an RV keyless door lock provides, one would think the installation process might be extensive or the cost overly hefty, but neither is true. For a fair price and twenty minutes of spare time, you can completely eliminate the risk of forgetting your key and give any family member or friend access to the rig.

To help you install your very own convenient RV keyless door lock, Dave Solberg walks you through the process of removing your rig’s current lock, replacing it with an RV keyless door lock and entering your 4-digit passcode. He shows you the expert tips you need to mount the new locking mechanism, ensuring that the unit is properly screwed in and both the deadbolt and latch are fully functional.

With Dave’s guidance, you’ll learn how to attach the strike plate to firmly affix the RV keyless door lock, and then test out your new combination. Follow along as we teach you the essential steps for correct installation, you’ll be realizing the beauty of an RV keyless door lock in no time!