Dave Solberg

Lippert Leveling System Guide: Hydraulic Jack Overview

Dave Solberg
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The Lippert slide room is an excellent addition to any RV that could use a little extra space. It’s simple to operate and intuitive to troubleshoot, and most models come equipped with handy leveling jacks. A Lippert leveling system helps to stabilize and level your slide room with a push of a button, and it runs off the house 12V battery, so you don’t need to worry about maintaining a generator. To give you a better sense of how the Lippert leveling system works, RV expert Dave Solberg walks you through a quick overview of the system’s functions and capabilities.

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9 Responses to “Lippert Leveling System Guide: Hydraulic Jack Overview”

  1. Steve

    I'm having an issue with my Lippert 6 point leveling system. I have not been able to find anyone who can tell me how to repair it. I've dealt with 3 dealerships and Lippert without success. I have had 2 repair services come out to repair it without success. I am very mechanically inclined so if given some direction I could probably repair it. I have spoken to Lippert, and I honestly believe the girl I spoke to knows less than I do. I am considering becoming a member of the RV Repair Club if I can be assured that I will find help to repair this system. So, let me tell you what is happening. I have a 2015 Elevation Sanoma Toyhauler. It has a Lippert hydraulic leveling system. 2 of the slides also use this same hydraulic system. I extended the legs and auto leveled the system. About 3 months later I attempted to connect to the trailer and the legs would not retract. After checking all of the electrical connections and fuses I contacted a RV repair service who stated that they could troubleshoot the system and make the needed repairs. The tech tested a few items and said that the "polarity reversing solenoid" was bad and that it would take him 2 weeks to get one. $450.00 dollars later the tech left. I got on Amazon and had the solenoid the next day. I installed it and nothing happened, nothing changed. I called the tech back and all he could say was "sorry, I thought that was it." Since this happened on a weekend I could not get in touch with Lippert. So, I tried another repair service. This tech tested the system and told me that it was the 241129 Level Up Leveler Controller that was defective, and again 2 weeks to get one. $500.00 later and this tech was gone. Amazon to the rescue and I had the part the next day. I installed the new part and the legs retracted. I connected to the RV and was on my way. I got to the RV park and extended the legs to disconnect from my truck. Hit the auto level and the world was perfect again. 2 weeks later, when I went to connect again it started again. The legs would not retract. I contacted the local dealer for help and was told that they did not have anyone that could troubleshoot the system in the field. I would have to bring it in, and they had a 4-week waiting period. I finally got in touch with Lippert who told me to take it to the dealer. You can only imagine my frustration. Reading the Lippert manual, I was able to manually able to retract the legs. I then took it to another dealer who informed me that the pump was defective. I know this was not true because the hydraulic slides would operate correctly. If the pump was bad the slides would not have worked. I went to the RV dealer and told them that I would authorize the pump replacement if they guaranteed me that the pump would fix the problem and that if it didn't then they would repair it free of charge. I was then informed to take my RV and leave and never return. I finally made it to my next destination and extended the legs, disconnected from the truck, hit the auto level and nothing happened. I contacted another local dealer who also informed me that they no longer work on the Lippert systems. After hours on the internet and you tube, I have found that there is no information to be found on repairing a Lippert system. Two weeks ago, when it was time to depart, and the legs still would not retract. I was prepared to do it manually. When I manipulated the valves to retract the left side, they retracted as they should. When I did the same for the right side, nothing happened. They would not retract. Again, I contacted Lippert for help and explained all of this to the woman on the phone. She told me that the seals in the 2 legs that would not retract were bad and the that the fluid was bypassing the seals not allowing the legs to retract. She further told me to unbolt the legs and swing them up so that I could get the RV to a dealer for repair. Now, again I am not the sharpest crayon in the box, but I do know that if all of the legs are retracted on a 14,000 lb. RV but 2 and those legs will still extend and hold. It is not the seals allowing fluid to bypass. I went a purchased a 20-ton jack so that I could jack up the trailer to un-bolt the legs so that I could move the RV. I'm sure that this stupid woman thinks that all RV'ers carry the equipment and tools with them to be able to do this. Now, here we are in another RV park with 2 legs swung up and not on the ground. Also, when I extended the other legs to unhook from my truck. The 2 legs that are not on the ground, extended out to full stroke and are now touching the ground on an angle. I can't level and if I can't find help, then I am stuck here. Can you offer any assistance to me if I become a member? BTW, my RV has 6 hydraulic legs.

  2. Jesus

    <strong>Ticket 35306 I have the 6 point hydraulic leveling system and for some reason the front keeps dropping . Do I have a leak on cyclone 2019

  3. Jerry Gallamore

    I had to adjust one side recently with a screw gun and now their lopsided does this matter

  4. Dog Allton

    Our 2015 Montana 5th wheel has been stationary for 2 years. The ground is slightly soft on drivers side. Can we use Lippert 6 point system to raise drivers side about 1 inch with the slides out?

  5. Joan

    Also unable to view full videos. What a waste of time

  6. Garry Collins

    I have hydraulic slide rooms but my leveling jacks are electric that I have had to replace several times. One side is broken now. Can I replace them and use the hydraulic pump I already have?

  7. Louis

    I am still haveing trouble with the video. It wont start and when it does it stops with a sign to become a member.


    Why can't I see the videos? Even the free ones? I am a member. I received the following WELCOME: 108856 RV Repair Club Membership with automatic renewal term: Annual Active April 6, 2018


    "RV expert Dave Solberg walks you through a quick overview of the system’s functions and capabilities." Yeah? How do I get the video?

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