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There are a variety of satellite receiver options when RVing. Some are permanent structures attached to the top of the rig, while others have to be cranked up to receive a signal. Lucky for us, with so many new advances in technology and the making of devices more portable, we are now able to take the entertainment of television out with us on the road by using a portable satellite dish for RV’s.

There are many portable options on the market, including one of our favorites, the Pathway XI by Winegard. One of the benefits of a portable satellite dish for your RV is that it can be placed outside when you’re unable to get a good line of sight with the satellites, due to blockage by trees, another RV or other obstructions. Also, no power is needed to operate the portable satellite. All you have to do is connect the coax cable to the input line and it will power the dish. Once powered up on the inside of the RV, the unit will work to find satellites and provide series to the unit. Side note: the Pathway XI comes with the Dish Network pre-installed!

Another great benefit of a portable satellite dish for your RV is that they are inexpensive and lightweight, allowing them to be used for other scenarios than just RVing. With so many great benefits like convenience, portability and cost, they make it possible to leave home without leaving all of the comforts of home behind. Bringing along a portable satellite dish for your RV ensures you catch the big game or enjoy a movie at night. How fantastic!