Dave Solberg

RV Battery Types: An Overview of Your Options

Dave Solberg
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Duration:   2  mins

Based on the amount of boondocking you do and the types of appliances you utilize on your RV, there’s a certain type of RV battery that’s optimal for your needs. While some RVers spend little time at their campsite and rely upon only minimally power-thirsty appliances, others require heavy duty batteries that they can hook up and forget about until they’re back home.

Thus, in this lesson RVing expert Dave Solberg talks about the various RV battery types you can purchase for your home away from home. He first explains which option you might opt for if you don’t mind regular maintenance and need only a small amount of juice, then talks about the upscale choice geared toward those who prefer minimal upkeep and have spare change to spend on something that will go the distance. Whatever your power needs, Dave can help you find the one that’s best suited for your specific needs!

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12 Responses to “RV Battery Types: An Overview of Your Options”

  1. Curtis Willard

    If I am always plugged in to shore power, do I still need a battery?

  2. Gary

    Very interesting about batteries but I have a question about no battery. If a camper is going to be plugged in all the time such as a seasonal camper would be, is it necessary to have a battery? Does the system need it to be there or not? I think the only 12v usage would be lights and exhaust fan so I don’t think a battery would be needed for any large draw. Your thoughts?


    Just purchasing stage but will call or text to have work done or to assist in answers.

  4. Carson

    Something to touch on would be charging systems. Some converter manufactures do not recommend two 6v batteries. They say at least 4. Also an AGM charges differently than a standard lead acid battery. If your converter is not AGM compatable, it can damage your battery. Good presentation

  5. Richard Brand

    About 20 years ago this might have been reasonable advice. 2 minutes of my life I won't get back. There is a video to be made about AGM vs lithium - there are so many false claims - but I don't think Dave is the man to do it

  6. Bonk Matthew

    I want to replace the lead-acid battery with a lithium battery My 2021 Jayco Greyhawk 30Z came with a Progressive Dynamics Intelli-power 9100 converter for the lead-acid. I need to replace that with an Intelli-power 9100L for the lithium. Where is the converter located?

  7. Donna McCord

    Can you explain multistage charging and what is a Battery Minder? Can you suggest an inverter that will accomplish this multistage charging to extend battery life?

  8. Julianne Mattaliano

    Could anyone tell me if I were to get a 12 volt or max cap battery to change out my 2 6 volts difficult to do?

  9. AlanH

    I build van life Van's. I have always recommended li_ion batteries as a solution for hi draw builds. Li-on batteries have 8 to 10 times more life than AGM batteries and will accept larger charge and discharge rates. In the long run they are actually a better choice for the long run. BTW, dragonfly is the retail product for Battle Born batteries. Fo some research and check out their site.

  10. Eve Truscott

    Trying to watch the video, but three times I open to play and a picture of fruits and vegetables comes up-how to get this to play? Do I have to upgrade to Premium to get video to play

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