RV Maintenance Tips: Electric Steps

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Duration: 2:37

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Every RV requires regular RV maintenance to be conducted. Doing so will help identify potential problems early and allows for ample time to fix things before hitting the road. This includes conducting an inspection and routine maintenance on your RV’s steps.

During RV maintenance check all rivets, bearings and pivot points. Clean these areas ridding them of mud, sea spray and other debris. After washing these areas, make sure to completely air dry them or use an air compressor to get rid of moisture.

The next step in this area of RV maintenance is to lube all rivets, bearings and pivot points using a moisture resistance grease. Your best option is to use a silicone spray or the one made by your step manufacturer. Spray this anywhere there is a rivet, joint or moving part. Make sure to get the inside and outside of each area.

When doing your RV maintenance do not overlook the underneath section of the steps. The underneath bearings and pivot points need to be lubed as well, including the bearing that comes off of the step’s motor.

Your RV maintenance does not stop there. You will want to look at the activation peg that gets pushed in when the door shuts. The pin can wear down after being pushed in on a regular basis. Though the metal ones wear a lot better, it is still a good idea to keep a watchful eye on the activation peg.

Your final RV maintenance step for the stairs is to clean the off, removing any lube that may have been left behind. This will prevents the area from becoming slippery.

It is recommended to do these maintenance steps at least once a year to ensure your steps operate efficiently.