RV Modifications: Install an Oxygenating Showerhead in Your Bathroom

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Duration: 17:51

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Few RV modifications can have a bigger impact on your overall comfort level than upgrades in the bathroom. With traditional RV showerheads, limited water and low pressure can make for a subpar shower, but with an oxygenating showerhead you get more bang for your buck and you don’t have to worry as much about running out of hot water.

To help make showers on the road more enjoyable, Dave Solberg walks you through one of the more straightforward RV modifications: removing your old showerhead and installing a new oxygenating model. Oxygenating, low-flow showerheads use less water per shower by using air to increase the surface area of the water stream thus reducing water usage. Newer energy- and water-efficient buildings such as hotels and sporting arenas have begun to implement low-flow faucets and showerheads in an effort to cut spending on energy each month. Although it’s just a single appliance, installing an oxygenating showerhead in your RV will stretch your limited hot water supply and more important, provide a more residential water flow.

In this RV modifications demonstration, you’ll learn some expert tips for cutting and redoing the protective sealant around your faucet housing, disconnecting, inspecting and reattaching hot and cold water lines, carefully drilling through plastic to avoid spider cracks and mounting a new hose.

Most RV modifications allow you the freedom to personalize your vehicle, and this one is no different. Depending on the amount of space you have to work with and your own preference, Dave suggests looking into showerhead models with shut off valves that are attached to either the handle or the spout attachment. This gives you the option to save even more water while you’re waiting for that fancy conditioner to set.