RV Refrigerator Troubleshooting: Baffle Inspection

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Duration: 2:42

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When things are not working right, it might be necessary to conduct some RV refrigerator troubleshooting to figure out what is wrong with your unit. One of the first things to check is the baffle. All RV refrigerators come with a removable baffle that is designed to trap the heat as it comes up and transfer it to the generator inside the unit.

Depending upon the where the baffle is located, RV refrigerator troubleshooting may be a little difficult mostly because it is hard to get to. Most units have a side vent where you can look in and see if the baffle is still there. It may be necessary to take the burner assembly off to get a good look inside.

When RV refrigerator troubleshooting you will want to look for the wire loop at the top of the baffle. Depending upon your unit, it should be visible from the side or the top of the vent. It will be sitting on top of the burner assembly. It is important to look for the baffle when RV refrigerator troubleshooting because it can come apart and fall down. If it is broken or has fallen it could affect the flame and venting.

While working on RV refrigerator troubleshooting, it is good idea to clean out the area with an air compressor. This will also let you know the baffle is there and is not being obstructed. Do not forget safety goggles because a lot of debris will come out.

To avoid the need to conduct RV refrigerator troubleshooting when problems arise, it is a good idea to check the baffle at least once a year. Regular inspections will help keep your unit running more efficiently.