How to Complete an RV Slide-Out Cable Replacement

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Duration: 1:16

Due to a high amount of friction from being extended and retracted frequently, the cables on your RV’s Lippert Accu-Slide are prone to bending and fraying. A bent or frayed can cause your slide room to become jammed or malfunction, which is a headache you’d want to avoid before hitting the road for a big trip!

So in this lesson, RV expert Dave Solberg walks you through a quick Accu-Slide inspection to teach you how to complete an RV slide-out cable replacement. You’ll learn what to look for when assessing the cables on your slide room, and discover a couple pointers for troubleshooting a frayed or bent cable.

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4 Responses to “How to Complete an RV Slide-Out Cable Replacement”

  1. Richard S. Leitner
    Richard S. Leitner

    The title is “How to complete a slide room cable replacement”. I must have missed something. Is there additional parts to this video. While I don’t own a RV that uses a cable system,(I have a 2003 Newmar with a sort of rack and pinion drive system) I was curious about how it would be done on a cable system like this.

  2. Jim

    Is there something missing here? Where’s the part about replacing an rv slide-out cable?

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hi Terezie,

      I am not sure what cable replacement they are talking about. The link provided does send me to anything.
      Dan RV Repair Club Technical Expert