RV Toilet Replacement: A User’s Guide

Duration: 5:04

Replacing your RV toilet from the standard plastic bowl to a nicer porcelain model is one of the easiest ways to make your rig feel more like home. If you’ve been considering upgrading your bathroom setup but haven’t felt up for the task of removing the old bowl to install a new one, let us put your mind at ease: the process is so simple you’ll wish you’d made the move long ago!

To help you complete a quick and easy RV toilet replacement, RV expert Dave Solberg walks you step by step through the project. He shows you how to remove the handle, shroud and casing from your plastic toilet to access the water lines, then explains what to do if you find the toilet’s mounting bolts are in the incorrect position to accommodate the new model. With Dave’s help, you’ll have the old bowl removed and the new one hooked up in no time flat!

If your existing toilet appears to be broken or in need of a quick fix, watch our video on RV toilet repair.

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4 Responses to “RV Toilet Replacement: A User’s Guide”
  1. Peter

    Not very helpful. There is no video whatsoever of the new toilet being installed.

  2. Mike Schmidt
    Mike Schmidt

    What a waste of time! It left out the most crucial part. How to replace the floor flange so the new bolts can line up.


    RV Toilet Replacement: A User’s Guide comment: I wish you has shown how your fixed the flange and replaced the bolts. The replacement would have been useless without those repairs.and those skills are what most do-it-yourselfers need to learn in order to have any confidence to do the job. Instead, your video just raised my awareness that I am likely not to have the skills to do the job. This is a critique I have of many of your videos.

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