How to Fix a Sagging RV Headliner

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Duration: 3:13

The fabric headliner in your RV can begin to sag in spots for various reasons, including excessive heat, humidity, and leakage. These all cause the adhesive to loosen and the fabric headliner to peel away from the ceiling. But fear not! You can fix your sagging RV headliner in a few different ways and get the inside of your vehicle looking tip-top. In this free tutorial, RV maintenance and repair expert Dave Solberg teaches you what to do when your fabric RV headliner sags because of failing adhesive.

After discussing the common causes of a headliner that’s developed a soft spot, Dave introduces a couple techniques you can utilize to fix the problem. If you’re tired of the fabric and just want to swap it out for a new material, you could go the wallboard route, but be aware of the drawbacks this entails. If you do prefer the fabric look, Dave shows you how to either strip and replace the current fabric or cut and repair it where the sag has occurred.

Should you choose the latter option, you’ll want to strip wet or worn adhesive and apply a new coat, and then pull the fabric taut to all four walls before sealing it up for good. With Dave’s help, you’ll have that sagging RV headliner tightened up and looking like new in no time!

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7 Responses to “How to Fix a Sagging RV Headliner”

  1. jamie h haney

    What are the down sides of frp? Our entire ceiling in Winnebago vectra drooping.

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  2. Geri DiVita

    We have removed the old headliner and now looking to replace it. Trying to figure out if fabric is better than foam backed liner. also there is a white backing that the liner was glued too attached to ceiling. is your recommendation to place pressure like mentioned in video to ensure glue sticks?

    • Customer Service

      Hello Geri!

      That’s a great question!

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  3. WL.Smith103

    What can I do if I had a leak ? Wouldn’t
    I need to take the board like in your demonstration out and if so what do I replace it with?

    • Customer Service

      Hi Wayne,

      Here is the expert reply:

      If the board was damaged it would need replaced. If it just got wet but was able to dry out and didn’t crack or mold then it is fine to leave up. If you do need to replace the board you will have to cut out larger sections of the material to game access to the full boards. The boards are usually only 4′ wide so you can take the board out and replace it. They typically use 1/4″ luan panels, could be thinner but 1/4″ is common and can be found at local hardware stores. The panels are attaches to the ceiling joists with either staples or screws and ca be torn out and then new panels installed with either staples or screws. You can then add adhesive and then re attach the materiel as described in this video. I hope this helps!


      RV Repair Club Technical Expert

    • Jeffrey Larson

      I have a 2007 Winnebago Tour and have a vinyl roof and have a section beginning to sag. How do I repair?

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