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TPMS Kit from Truck System Technologies

Dave Solberg
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Since 2007, all cars and trucks released on the market have been required to have onboard tire pressure monitoring systems. RV manufacturers, however, have not had the same requirement. If you’ve seen our other videos about maintaining proper tire pressure, you’ll know that we recommend checking tire pressure every day while you’re traveling, for numerous reasons. We understand that doing so manually can be a pain, which is why we also advise that you install a TPMS kit on your vehicle. A Tire Monitoring System does all the tedious work of reading pressure temperature for you, so you can get back to enjoying your journey!

In this lesson, RV maintenance expert Dave Solberg sits down with Mike Benson from Truck System Technologies (TST) to learn about the benefits of using a TPMS kit. And Mike walks you through a simple installation of their Tire Monitoring System.

Installing your TPMS Kit

The TPMS kit has been a hugely valuable tool for all RVers, especially those who don’t have the time each day to inspect every component of their vehicle. With the Tire Monitoring System from TST, you can depend on six sensors and a dash-mounted monitor to give an accurate reading of all your tires’ temperatures and pressures.

Mike begins the installation process by introducing each component you’ll find in the TPMS kit, including sensors, monitor, repeater, installation guide, and stickers to label sensors. He then explains how to correctly program and mount the sensors, and set the high and low pressures according to your particular tires’ specifications. On that last note, Dave reiterates the importance of not just leaning on the statistics you see on a tire’s sidewall, as that recommended pressure suits an empty vehicle.

Finally, Mike talks about the different types of alerts you might receive on your TPMS kit monitor for various issues, and gives you the rundown on their product warranty and customer service promise. If you’re tired of stressing about your RV’s tires, consider installing a Tire Monitoring System from TST, and get some precious peace of mind!

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