Dave Solberg

Using a Level Disc Inside Your Refrigerator

Dave Solberg
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It is important that your RV refrigerator be level at all times during operation, especially when it is parked at a campground or in your driveway. This is one of the most important RV tips you will need to know. Why? Because the coolant in the refrigerator uses gravity to zig zag all the way down the complicated tubing of the cooling unit back to the boiler. In order for the coolant to properly flow down the refrigerator needs to be level, front to back and side to side.

Although there are several RV tips on how to best level your rig, the best way to verify and ensure the refrigerator is level is to use a bubble leveler disc. Place this disc inside the refrigerator compartment on the freezer plate and monitor it to make sure that at least half of the bubble is in the center of the circle on the leveler disc. If it is not centered, it will be necessary to do some adjustments with the RV to get things level. Bubble level discs can be purchased from the RV dealership, home repair stores or an RV supply store. They are inexpensive, but critical when ensuring the refrigerator is properly functioning.

These and other RV tips will help ensure your unit is level and the coolant in the refrigerator can properly come down and cool the unit. If these RV tips are not followed, the coolant can pool and eventually will cause extensive damage and costly repairs.

Keep an eye on the leveler and you will have cool food and beverages while traveling and less worry associated with needing to replace and/or repair your RV’s refrigerator.

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